Sona Irish Youth Super Cup 2019

The competition is sponsored by Sona Vitamin, Armenian Chess Club and Irish Chess Union .

Dear junior players and parents,

Armenian Chess Club with the support of Sona Vitamins have organised a unique chess tournament in Ireland. Sona Irish Youth Super Cup invites the best junior players in Ireland to play in a round-robin (all-play-all) chess tournament. The tournament is divided into age groups and the eight best players in each age group have been selected to compete.

Thanks to our sponsors, the Sona Irish Youth Super Cup 2019 has great prizes to offer the winners of all age groups.

Recent years have seen a great increase in the number of young people showing an interest in playing chess and competing in national and international tournaments. One junior player, Diana Mirza, won the World Schools Under-17 Chess Championship 2017 in Romania.

Sona Irish Youth Super Cup aims to be the most prestigious chess tournament in Ireland for young players. It has been organised to create a fun, competitive and healthy atmosphere. Our scheduling allows for only two games to be played a day, which is in line with FIDE rules. Sona Irish Youth Super Cup is a FIDE rated tournament which gives young players the opportunity to better their international FIDE rating. All games are played in a round-robin style, which is how top chess players compete.

This tournament could not happen without our sponsor Sona Vitamins. Sona has over 30 years’ experience in formulating quality vitamins, nutritional supplements and other health aids. Over 150 of Sona Products are produced in a state-of-the-art facility in Dublin using the highest quality, natural ingredients, with an unyielding commitment to quality. They are manufactured to and surpass current pharmaceutical standards, are assayed and strictly tested for conformity. We thank Sona Vitamins for their help in organising this event.

Sona Irish Youth Super Cup wishes you best of luck and hope that you have a great time. Let the best players win!

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